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Camtistic is committed to helping you choose the best projectors indoor and outdoor projectors for home, business, educational and professional use online.   Feature reviews on high-end video HDMI projectors professional grade quality as well as  projectors under $500

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Our partner companies professionally use our featured projectors for various events, parties, sporting and educational events in every type of setting.  You can be sure that we have put many of the best indoor and outdoor projectors to the test under a wide range of conditions, both indoor and outdoors, small gatherings to huge sporting and festival events.  Giving you this panoramic view and incite will give you a better understanding of what great projectors can do, which ultimately will help you choose that perfect projector.



 Short throw projectors both for indoor and outdoor use, home theater entertainment, whether it be DVD, Blu-ray movies, or gaming system to project on a big screen to make the action come to life.   LCD projectors, DLP projectors, which one will work better at your venue?


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Best Projectors for 2018

ViewSonic PJD5155 Best Projectors under 500

ViewSonic PJD5155 Best Projectors under 500full reviewview price

BenQ MW632ST Best Short Throw Projector 2018

BenQ MW632ST Best Short Throw Projector 2018full reviewview price

Optoma HD142X Review

Optoma HD142X Reviewfull reviewview price

This post was most recently updated on March 15th, 2018

Outdoor Movie Screen and Projector

Be sure to check out our Product Guides that will really showcase the best indoor outdoor movie projectors as well as their  applications that we apply weekly at our events.   They offer a unique perspective and can be helpful with some of the situations you may encounter when you’re setting up your own home theater or outdoor  movie venue.

More than likely you’ll want to do more with your new projector than just hooking it up to your DVD/Blue-Ray player.  Watching sporting events on a big screen, hooking up your Macbook or Ipad for presentations and karaoke have been just as popular.  While you certainly can do this on a large flat screen television.   You can’t beat good projector that can be taken outdoors, adjusted and fitted for the largest outdoor movie screens.  Besides that, some of these projectors are small enough, that even traveling with them and taking them on the road, isn’t at all a problem.

The outdoor movie/sporting events require a little more planning than your typical home movie theater. Buying a projector without really learning of these specialized requirements is not something we recommend.  For that reason,  we have chosen some of the best projectors and products that we believe you’ll be pleased with.